Welcome to Coastal Hydrodynamics Lab. at KU

Better Understanding of Coastal Hydrodynamics:
Towards Safer and Sustainable Coasts

Research Interests

Our research interests are basically towards a better understanding of coastal hydrodynamic processes which tend to be highly complex and turbulence-dominant due to a variety of physical factors, for example, irregular geometry, wave breaking, pycnocline, thermocline, flow-structure interactions and natural extreme events in the nearshore area. Therefore, our works easily expand into coastal hazards and environmental impacts associated with coastal hydrodynamics. While the most of our works were done by numerical modelling, some of our researches also cover laboratory experiments and field observations to excel work performances. Engineering-focus projects such as measures for coastal erosions\storm surges\flooding\oil-spills are of particular interests since they require practical insights that Dr. Son had obtained through industrial experiences prior to joining Korea University. Find out more....

Research Keywords: Coastal Hydrodynamics, Sediment Transport, Numerical Modelling(CFD), Tsunamis/Storm Surges, Turbulent Mixing in the Nearshore, Oil Spill Modelling


  • New Ph.D/MS students!
    Coastal Hydrodynamics Lab. is seeking a new, motivated MS/Ph.D student who will work on research topics as nearshore hydrodynamics, coastal processes, coastal hazards(storm surges/tsunamis) and sediment transport. Please contact Dr.Son at sson(at)korea(dot)ac(dot)kr if you are interested.

  • KU Hydro-Engineering Catalogue available !
    KU Hydro-Engineering Catalogue is now available for downloading. It is offered in Korean as of now, and English version will be provided soon. The catalogue contains all the informations on KU Hydro-Engineering such as what we are doing, how you can earn the degree, who have been a member and etc. We hope that this information help you get familiar with us. Click the thumbnail below to download it!


  • Special Issue on "Advances in Nearshore Hydrodynamics Research"
    Journal of Marine Science and Engineering [IF 2.033] had published a Special Issue focusing on Advances in Nearshore Hydrodynamics Research. This issue was first proposed and handled by Dr. Son and totally 5 papers were published successfully.

  • International Workshop on Advanced Technology in Coastal Engineering
    We had successfully hold "International Workshop on Advanced Technology in Coastal Engineering" on Oct. 11, 2019 at Korea University. Prof. Patrick Lynett(alt text Univ. of Southern California), Dr. Marcel van Gent(alt text Deltares), Prof. Tso-Ren Wu(alt text National Central University), Prof. Sungwon Shin(alt text Hanyang Univ.) and Dr. Byoungjoon Na(alt text Korea Univ.) gave talks on interesting front-line topics such as tsunami hazards, climate change adaptions, non-Newtonian flow modelling, wave breaking in the workshop. Thanks all the participants!


Teaching Schedule (Past and Current)

2021S : ACEE 228 – Fluid Mechanics and Lab., ACE 635 – Computational Hydraulics

17F : ACE 832 – Tidal and Coastline Hydraulics
16S, 18S : ACE 635 – Computational Hydraulics
17S, 19F : ACE 564 – Hydrodynamics
15F, 16F, 17F, 18F, 19F, 20F : ACEE 338 – Coastal and Harbor Engineering
16S, 17S, 18S, 20S : ACEE 228 – Fluid Mechanics and Lab.
15F, 16F, 17F, 18F, 19F, 20F : EGRN 151 – Computer Language and Lab.
19S : on leave