Research Interests

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In the shallow coastal region, fluid flows may exhibit complicated behaviors strongly connected to physical effects such as turbulence, wave-structure interaction, wave-current interaction, wave breaking and fluid-density variations. Sometimes, complex hydrodynamic motions result in unexplainable events, for example, huge whirlpool inside harbor. As modeling of such complex phenomena requires dedicated considerations of the controlling physics, it is still recognized as important and so is popular topic in coastal and ocean engineering. Therefore, our research interests are basically towards a better understanding of coastal hydrodynamic processes which tend to be highly complex and turbulence-dominant due to a variety of physical factors, for example, irregular geometry, wave breaking, pycnocline, thermocline, flow-structure interactions and natural extreme events in the nearshore area. Our works typically expand into coastal hazards and environmental impacts which is directly linked to coastal hydrodynamics.

Research Keywords

  • Nearshore Hydrodynamics

  • Coastal Processes

  • Sediment Transport

  • Storm surges/Tsunamis

  • Turbulent Mixing

  • Oil Spill Modelling

  • High-performance Computing

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Research Grants

  1. Development of Real-Time Wave Modeling Algorithm for Enhanced Maritime Military Security
    Sponsor: Korea National Defense University
    Total amount: confidential
    Duration: 5 months starting from Jul., 2020

  2. Study on Advancing Tsunami Predictionand Observation Techniques Considering Tidal and Bathymetic Condition
    Sponsor: Korea Metrological Administration
    Total amount: (Son's portion) $33,000 (₩ 33,000K, External sourcing)
    Duration: 10 months starting from Mar., 2020

  3. Development of an Immersive Wave-Current Model based on 3D Virtual-Reality Architecture
    Sponsor: National Research Foundation of Korea
    Total amount: $500,000 (₩ 500,000K)
    Duration: 54 months starting from Sep., 2019

  4. Physical Interaction across the Atmosphere-Ocean interface using Field-ready Coupled Particle Image Velocimetry [KRF]
    Sponsor: National Research Foundation of Korea
    Total amount: $300,000 (₩ 300,000K)
    Duration: 51 months starting from Sep., 2019

  5. Development of Tsunami Prediction Technique Considering Fault Failure History
    Sponsor: Korea Meteorological Administration
    Total amount: $500,000 (₩ 500,000K)
    Duration: 30 months starting from July, 2018

  6. Practical Technologies for Coastal Erosion Control and Countermeasure
    Sponsor: Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
    Total amount(Son's portion): $350,000 (₩ 350,000K)
    Duration: 43 months starting from June, 2018

  7. Basic research for development of storm surge evaluation method for the design basis and the beyond design basis sea water level of nuclear power plant
    Sponsor: Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS)
    Total amount: $30,000 (₩ 30,000K)
    Duration: 12 months starting from Jan, 2018

  8. Development of Faster-Than-Realtime, Integrated Inundation Model based on GPU-Acceleration
    Sponsor: National Research Foundation of Korea
    Total amount: $150,000 (₩ 150,000K)
    Duration: 36 months starting from June, 2017

  9. Development of spreading mega complex disaster forecasting technology based on scenarios
    Sponsor: Ministry of the Interior and Safety
    Total amount(Son's portion): $70,000 (₩ 70,000K)
    Duration: 21 months starting from April, 2017

  10. Development of the Evaluation Technology for Complex Causes of Inundation Vulnerability and the Response Plans in Coastal Urban Areas for Adaptation to Climate Change
    Sponsor: Ministry of the Interior and Safety
    Total amount(Son's portion): $240,000 (₩ 240,000K)
    Duration: 48 months starting from May, 2015

  11. Development of a high-resolution oil spill and transportation model applicable to coastal area in Ulsan
    Sponsor: Ulsan Green Environment Center
    Total amount: $20,000 (₩ 20,000K)
    Duration: 9 months starting from April, 2015

  12. Development of parallelized and coupled numerical model for multi-grids, multi-dimensional and highly-efficient wave simulation
    Sponsor: National Research Foundation of Korea
    Total amount: $150,000 (₩ 150,000K)
    Duration: 36 months starting from May, 2014